Welcome to WAAPP Website

Welcome to WAAPP Website

A new approach to diversification

A new approach to diversification

Agriculture intervention

Agriculture intervention

James .O. Apochi, PhD.

Has been confirmed as the National Project Coordinator of WAAPP-Nigeria. The Management and Staff of the Project and ARCN congratulate Dr. James Ocheme Apochi on his appointment..

Component 1: Enabling Conditions for Sub-regional Cooperation in Technology Generation, Dissemination and Adoption

  1.  Alignment of regulations for registration and use  of pesticides to that of ECOWAS
  2. Alignment of regulations for registration and release of Genetic Materials to that of ECOWAS, and support National Registration Committee for Genetic Materials 


  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Knowledge Management and Information system
  3. Gender Mainstreaming in Agricultural Research

Component 2:    National Centre of Specialization (NCOS) in Aquaculture      

  1. A) Support to core research programs
  • Fingerlings research and adoption
  • Fish Feeds research and adoption
  • Post Harvest (processing, packaging and marketing) research and adoption
  1. B)  Upgrading of core facilities and equipment in NIFFR for adequate research and extension
  2. C)  Building the Capacity of Human Resources 

Component 3: Funding of Demand-Driven Technology Generation and Adoption


  1. Agricultural Research Grant Scheme
  2. Non Competitive Research Grant
  3. Accelerated Adoption of Improved Technologies
  • Support to NARS for Technology Dissemination through adopted villages and schools
  • Use of Innovation Platforms in Technology Dissemination
  • Agricultural Research Technology Fair
  • Use of Extension Publication
  • Use of radio and Television Programmes
  • Use ICT in Technology dissemination
  • Establishment of Agricultural Research Technology Transfer Centres (ARTTC)
  1. Facilitating Access to Improved Genetic Materials
  • Support to NARIs to produce Breeder and Foundation Seeds
  • Collaboration with Private seed Companies on seed Multiplication
  • Support to Research Institutes on broodstock production and fingerlings multiplication
  • Collaboration with private hatchery operators on broodstock production and fingerlings  multiplication
  • Support to NAPRI for commercialization and adoption of poultry layer breed 'Shika Brown'
  1. Transformation of Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN)
  • Support transformation of  ARCN to move from being a coordinating research council to a managing council for it to be more effective in its supervisory role of the entire NARS.
  • Support and facilitate the Conduct of a stakeholder workshop that would deliberate on the outcomes of the  prepared strategy document.    
  • Support the amendment of the Law setting up ARCN to enable it to be transformed into an Embrapa-like organization (Managing Council).
  • Support establishment of Agricultural Research Technology Transfer Centres (ARTTC)
  • Support revival of Nationally Coordinated Research Projects (NCRP)

Component 4: Project Coordination, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation        

  1. Project Coordination, stakeholder participation and in-country  consultations. 
  2.  Monitoring and evaluation of project activities.
  3.  Implementation of communication strategy and plan.



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