WAAPP-Nigeria has supported sensitization activities (Town Hall meetings, seminars, workshops and road shows) at Katsina, Benue, Lagos, Osun and Gombe States by through PESTICIDES PLATFORM made up of: FMA&RD, NESREA, CPC, NAFDAC.


Participants’ at an advocacy programme   Sensitization Workshop at Funtua by NESREA by FMA&RD.

- WAAPP-Nigeria has supported the provision of pesticides application safety kits (coverall, goggle, nose masks & safety boots) to farmers at Benue and Katsina States through FMA&RD and NESREA.

Demonstration of use of PPE    

Free PPE Distribution to Farmers


-     WAAPP-Nigeria has supported farmers training on pesticides application conducted at Benue, Katsina & Lagos States by FMA&RD.


Demo on use of PPE 

 Participants wearing PPE  

Demo on Pesticides Application

  WAAPP-Nigeria has supported the production and distribution of IED materials and other information documents to enhance farmer knowledge on general pesticides handling and application procedures by FMA&RD and NESREA at Benue and Katsina States. 


Participants raising ‘Dos’ & ‘Don’ts’of Pesticides Posters   at a workshop 

 Section of participants with stickers indicating appropriate use of PPE at a workshop


-          WAAPP is supporting the establishment of the first multi-million Naira empty pesticides container management centre in the Country at Yendev, Benue State through the Federal Ministry of Environment.

-          WAAPP-Nigeria has developed a comprehensive Pest Management Plan for the project which can be adopted (in part or in whole) by other farmers and research institutions.

-          Promoting environmentally responsive, health conscious use of pesticides through effective partnership with all stakeholders including regulators, marketers and farmers in areas of pesticides regulation, registration and use in Nigeria.

-          Successfully completed and documented a Baseline survey on registration, regulation and use of pesticides in the country.

-          Supported the gazetting of ECOWAS protocol on pesticides in Nigeria thereby harmonizing the nation’s regulations to that of the entire sub-region.

-          WAAPP-Nigeria is encouraging the adoption of pest resistant crop varieties through the adopted villages and schools of the National Agricultural Research Institutes and collaborating universities across the country.