Success Story of NCoS-NIFFR

  1. Smoking Kiln

The smoking kiln with a capacity for 50kg wet fish was designed and fabricated by each of the NCoS.

  1.  Solar Dryer

The solar dried fish which is as good as the imported one is produced using the NCoS-NIFFR solar tent which was earlier developed.

This solar dryer which was earlier developed has wood for frames. However, a new solar dryer made of metal has been fabricated which is WAAPP sponsored. This dryer is dismantle-able and thus very portable unlike the earlier one made of wood which is rigid and very bulky. The new dryer also has a higher batch capacity and is expected to be more effective due to many modifications that have been introduced. Even though the cost of the new dryer may be slightly higher than the older version, it is expected that the cost in the long run in terms of life span and carrying capacity, may be relatively lower than the older version. 

Conventional & NIFFR Fish Solar Tent dryer

  1.  Fish Retail Table

Fresh fish sold in local markets are not protected from flies, they are often contaminated by hands and table surfaces making them unhygienic for consumption. Table surfaces are also rough and difficult to clean.

Provision of fish retail table will enhance reduction of post-harvest losses, improve quality and hygiene, enhance marketability and increase availability of fresh fish.

This technology is expected to reduce current losses of fresh fish by about 10% and boost fish output, improve the hygiene and quality of fresh fish. It will also reduce the incidence of health problems associated with consumption of fresh fish, increase protein in-take of the country, improve livelihoods and increase fish handlers’ income.


WAAPP Retail tables

  1.   Use of Clupeids fish as Cost Effective Fish Meal

There is no existing good quality local fish meal for fish feed production thereby resulting to foreign fish meal importation. This technology was generated to make good quality local fishmeal available at reduced cost thereby increasing fish farmers income.

ü  The results indicated that clupeids fish meal is a good local resource that can replace foreign fish meal without a negative effect on good growth performance of fish.

ü  Un-extruded floating feed production is possible for local farmers with use of clupeids fish meal which is not possible with Danish fish meal. This an added advantage of clupeids fish meal over the foreign one.

ü  There is reduction in feed cost with total use of local resources. A bag of 15 kg of foreign feed which cost N5,800.00 in New Bussa can be produced at N4,000.00 with local resources.


Fish Feed Formulated with Clupeids

 Evaluation Of Local Fish Feed on Gonadal Retention In Catfish for All Year

Fingerling Production

There is always scarcity of gravid broodstock for fingerlings production by farmers in Nigeria especially in the dry season. This is because during the dry season catfish broodstock reabsorb their eggs and milt, making it difficult for successful breeding. In addition, the fish feed used by farmers do not enhance egg development and maturation. This study addresses these problems by synchronizing the timing of spawning to the rains with increased food and favourable spawning and rearing grounds. The objective of the project is to ensure the availability of gravid catfish broodstock and fingerlings all year round in order to bridge the gap experienced by farmers during the dry season through re-absorption of egg and milt by the catfish.

Preliminary result shows that hatchability rate of fish fed with Vit. C and E ranges from 75-95% compare to control feed which is 10%. On-farm trial of the technology is on-going at a TJ Farms in Ilorin.

The research output will lead to locally produced feed that will enhance gonad maturation in catfish all year round. This will lead to increased productivity and availability of broodstock which will enable hatchery operators produce catfish fingerlings throughout the year.

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